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Eastern Samsun biological wastewater treatment plant and deep sea outfall, Turkey

Samsun Water and Sewerage Administation General Directorate (SASKI), Turkey
Design, Build and 5 years operation of a waste water treatment plant and deep sea outfall


The province of Samsun is located at the Turkish Black Sea coast and is one of the largest in the region with a centralized sewerage system. The population in the eastern part of the province is approx. 600,000. However, most of the sewage produced in Samsun was being discharged into the sea.

The joint venture of PWT-Alke-Alkatas was awarded the contract for the turnkey construction of the first advanced wastewater treatment plant in the Black Sea region.

PWT solution

The plant is designed as an activated sludge process including extended aeration and removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. It fully meets the requirements of the effluent discharge criteria of Directive 91/271/EEC for sensitive areas.

Mechanical treatment includes coarse and fine screens with screenings press, aerated grit and grease removal.
Biological treatment includes anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic tanks and final clarifiers.

Sludge treatment includes mechanical thickening and dewatering of the aerobically stabilized sludge using drums and centrifuges. The dewatered sludge is conditioned through the addition of lime to reach a dry solids (DS) content of up to 35%.

The treated water is being discharged – via a deep sea outfall (DSO) – into the Black Sea.
In 2014, the plant started to treat wastewater up to a daily average flow of 105,000 m³/d.

Pumping station
Mechanical pretreatment
Mechanical sludge treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plant Samsun - Turkey


The design and construction of the WWTP and DSO already take into account:

    • the future expansion of the treatment capacity
    • the implementation of anaerobic sludge digestion and biogas heat and power generation
Plant size
525.000 PE
Population equivalent
Raw water intake
105.000 m3/d
Daily inflow Qd
6.250 m3/h
Peak dry weather flow Qt
8.500 m3/h
Wet weather flow Qt
Incoming freight
26.250 kg/d
BOD5 Fracht
5.250 kg/d
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen load (TKN)
1.100 kg/d
Phosphorous load (Ptot)
Effluent Discharge Criteria
35 mg/l
25 mg/l
10 mg/l
Total nitrogen (TN)
1 mg/l
Total phosphorous (Ptot)
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