PWT Services

Water 4.0: Digital solutions in the water sector

PWT offers you a wide range of innovative digital solutions - not isolated solutions, but integrated from planning to control and maintenance of your plant.

Our range of services includes automation, operational management and system documentation for your water system.


  • All services from a single source
  • Wide range of fully integrated digital solutions
  • Delivery of hardware and software components as well as creation of individual software applications
  • Assumption of maintenance, care and optimization
  • Training of your operating personnel, on request


We design with the Siemens software COMOS® and are system partners for the integration of COMOS® for your plant in the water sector.

The COMOS® database system makes it possible to manage the entire inventory documentation of your plant with just one software tool.

PRAMOS® is our digital operational management system for paperless planning and documentation of maintenance and safety instructions. This, of course, has an interface to COMOS including the COMOS maintenance tool. In addition, PRAMOS has freely configurable interfaces and can therefore work together with other planning tools and database systems (e.g. SAP).

In addition, we are your solution provider independent from suppliers for new launches, migration and renewal in the area of PLC and process control systems.

Process automation and process control technology

In addition to the supply of hardware and software components, our range of services also includes the design in coordination with our customers, as well as implementation planning including the creation of software applications. Of course, we are also available after the commissioning for the maintenance, care and optimization of the installed systems and the training of your operating personnel. Furthermore, you receive all services from a single source and have only one contact person.

Our range of services:

  • Concept development and planning,
  • Supply and installation of SPS, PLS and telecontrol components,
  • Complete assembly with partners,
  • Hardware and software engineering,
  • FAT (inhouse-tests),
  • Commissioning and optimization,
  • Staff training as well as
  • Service und support.

We work platform-independently, but possess the following qualifications, amongst others:

  • Siemens Solution Partner in automation with the following specializations:
    • Certified Specialist „Human Machine Interface SIMATIC – HMI“
    • Certified Industry „WATER & WASTEWATER“
    • Certified „Industrial Communications“
    • Certified in „Advanced Factory Automation“
  • ACRON Premium Partner - qualified solution provider for VIDEC products

Retrofit: The latest quality standard for your water system

We support you when a generational change in automation is pending or if you are planning to modernize your plants.

We bring your plants up to a modern, higher quality standard. The modernization includes the detailed inventory analysis as well as the renewal of the PLC/PCS hardware and software and other parts of your ICA technology.

Digital Recording and reporting

The process data collected must be readily available and editable. At the same time, security aspects must be taken into account when accessing sensitive process data in order to comply with legal requirements and compliance guidelines.

Necessary daily, monthly, annual and special reports are automatically generated by the system in the desired layout.

With our recording system, you can

  • Merge, save, and archive process data,
  • Carry out extensive evaluations and analyses,
  • Create meaningful reports and
  • Optimize processes and increase productivity.

Telecontrol systems

Decentralized structures with many outstations such as pumping stations and rainwater treatment plants are widespread in water management. In order to ensure a reliable water supply and disposal, we offer our customers a professionally operated IT system environment with regard to high system availability, secure data transmission and storage and implementation of IT security standards.

Software FAT

As part of an in-house testing, we clear all errors and inconsistencies in advance with our customers. This means reduction of commissioning times and reliability in operation.

Network engineering

In the automated world, the availability and security of IT networks are of great importance. We offer:

  • Redundant networks (e.g. ring structures),
  • VPN-encrypted real-time connection between remote networks as well as
  • IT security (controlled access options, segmentation into network levels, etc.).
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