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Physical and chemical process technologies for water treatment

Physical and chemical process technologies are traditionally used in water treatment. Proven for decades, for a robust and safe application and an economical operation.

PWT has more than 50 years’ experience in municipal and industrial water treatment. A large number of treatment plants have been constructed using physical and chemical processes such as sedimentation, flotation, filtration, ion exchange/adsorption and chemical oxidation.

Piping system of a water treatment plant in a modern urban wastewater treatment plant

Filtration and adsorption plants

PWT's portfolio includes filter systems for iron, manganese and particle removal as well as for the separation of other undesirable substances.. PWT uses both open and closed filter types in our plant design, depending on which approach is best suited to the application.. We recommend to you the ideal filter design taking into consideration all relevant filter materials such as gravel, quartz sand, and activated carbon. We also have experience with using special filter materials for heavy metal adsorption, deacidification or the hardening of water to be treated. We can offer you special know-how in the optimization of backwashing, in which the filter availability and the treated water yield are optimized.

Flocculation and flotation plants

PWT also produces flocculation and flotation plants for particle removal, heavy metal precipitation and decarbonization. We also optimize sludge treatment and disposal processes.

Ion exchange

PWT offers ion exchange systems for hardness reduction, nitrate reduction and heavy metal removal. We will design for you the system, select the right exchanger resin and optimise the regeneration cycles, thereby increasing the water yield.

Aeration, Stripping, Deacidification

PWT plans and implements aeration systems for deacidification, stripping or aeration of your drinking water. Our oxidation plants serve for the oxidation of heavy metals as preliminary stage for flocculation and precipitation plants, or for the removal of organic contents. Of course, this includes the treatment of the exhaust air flow.

Water extraction and mechanical pre-cleaning

PWT also supplies the basic installations for the raw water extraction of your drinking water treatment. We construct intake structures for you with raking, sifting and coarse filter systems and equip your wells.

Advanced drinking water treatment and turn-key processing

PWT offers solutions and turn-key developments for classic water treatment process technologies. Of course, we combine these, if necessary, with state-of-the-art process steps such as advanced oxidation or membrane technology. We supply you with tailor-made plant technology including all necessary secondary processes and infrastructure.

In addition to the water treatment processes, we also design your electrical and control engineering according to the latest aspects and thus create energy-efficient water treatment, equipped with a modern and sustainable automation landscape.



Active carbon adsorption





Hardness increase



Dewatering & Drying (sludge)


Desorption (stripping)


Ion exchange

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