Application Waste water

Waste water treatment: Municipal and industrial waste water

The re-evaluation of substances contained in wastewater leads to new and stricter limit values for the permissibility of discharges into water bodies and sewer networks. PWT provides effective solutions that enable companies and municipalities to easily meet the legal requirements for wastewater discharge.

In order to assure you the best benefits, we rely on mature technologies, but also use innovative concepts, depending on the respective conditions and customer requirements. As a general contractor, we offer turnkey planning, construction and commissioning from a single source, so that our clients, whether municipal or industrial, have a single point of contact for the entire project.

Support in the determination of the requirements and assistance in the approval procedure

PWT can help you to understand the legal requirements. If you require, we can help you prepare your application for the approval authority and accompany you through the approval process.

Our processes for waste water processing

Planning and construction of your wastewater treatment plant

PWT designs, procures and constructs your wastewater treatment plant, from the basic planning to the handover of your operational plant.

Our engineers excel in all state-of-the-art mechanical, chemical-physical and biological treatment processes, including membrane technology. This means that municipal waste water disposal companies and industrial customers can benefit from a customized solution with maximum operational reliability and efficiency.

We act as a pure plant constructor or as a general contractor and offer all trades from a single source: planning, mechanical and electrical equipment, construction and automation.

Upgrading or extension of existing plants

New sewage discharges or changes in legal requirements often make it necessary to adapt an existing installation to meet the latest discharge requirements.

Right now, for example, the focus is put on the equipment of sewage treatment plants with the fourth treatment stage. PWT has modern equipment and technologies and offers innovative solutions for the respective problem parameters.

Depending on changed wastewater quantities, loads or stricter discharge limit values, we develop adapted solutions for the modernization and optimization of your plant. Our project engineers and site managers install the solution with minimal disruption to ongoing operations while our process engineers ensure a smooth transition in ongoing operation and optimize the entire plant.

Operation of your waste water treatment plant

PWT offers operator or operational support models for your wastewater treatment plant. Our experienced specialists operate your plant independently, cost-efficiently, safely and reliably. Our industrial client can then concentrate on their core business and increase their productivity.

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