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Flue Gas Washing Water Treatment Plant for the Maasvlakte Power Plant 3 (MPP3), Rotterdam, the Netherlands

E.ON Benelux N.V., Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Flue Gas Washing Water Treatment Plant for the Maasvlakte Power Plant 3 (MPP3), Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Contract value
Contract value: approx. EUR 4.2 million, PWT share 100 %
In operation since

Design,construction and commissioning of a flue gas washing wastewater plant

The construction of a flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) wastewater treatment plant became necessary, because a new coal power plant was built in Maasvlakte. Maasvlakte itself is a huge industrial area and part of the Rotterdam port. The new coal power plant is known as Maasvlakte Power Plant 3 (MPP3). The MPP3 is one of the largest and most modern coal-fired power plants in the world.
With an electrical output of around 1,100 MW, it covers approx. 7 % of the Dutch electricity demand and generates district heating for neighboring municipalities and ports. E.ON Benelux N.V., Rotterdam, the Netherlands (now Uniper Benelux) awarded PWT with the approx. EUR 4 million contract to design, build and commission the FGD wastewater treatment plant to treat the highly contaminated wastewater resulting from wet desulphurisation.

In addition to considerable quantities of suspended substances (FGD gypsum), this wastewater contains heavy metals washed out of the flue gas such as mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, and others. These must be removed before the wastewater is discharged.
Furthermore, for the safe removal of unwanted substances, the operator attaches great importance to low energy consumption and low disposal costs for the residual substances produced, Also, robust and redundant plant technology for many years of use of the water treatment plant with very high availability.

PWT Solution

Treatment is realised by a three-stage chemical and physical plant with selective heavy metal removal. Design included the process design, 3D plant layout and pipe engineering as well as instrumentation and functional design for automation. In addition, the Power Plant specific requirements for high quality and documentation were to be fulfiled.
Design startet at the beginning of 2010 and the erection ot the plant in September 2010. The plant has been ready for operation since the first half of the year 2012.

Fällung, Flockung, Sedimentation
Mechanische Schlammbehandlung
Elektro-, Mess-­, Steuerungs- und Regelungstechnik


  • Selective separation of the resulting sludge into sludge rich in heavy metals as well as sludge poor in heavy metals.
  • Very high plant availability due to linear redundancy
    The three-stage precipitation line can still be operated as a "classic" two-stage RAA if one-stage fails.
  • Provision of documentation suitable for the power plant by using the "COMOS" planning system at a very early stage.

The design and construction of the flue gas washing water treatment plant permit:

  • Treatment of the highly contaminated wastewater resulting from the wet desulphurisation
  • Three-stage chemical and physical plant with selective heavy metal removal as treatment.

Technical data

Technical Data

Size of Plant

6 - 30, max. 36 m³/h

Relevant Substances

Calcium sulphate contents (gypsum) up to 12 g/l
Variable heavy metal concentrations:
Hg, Se, Tl, Cd, Ni, As depending on used coal in the power plant process


Dynamic treatment from 6 to 36 m³/h

Treatment Stages

Oxidation of mercury with chlorine dioxide
Three-stage selective flocculation, precipitation and sedimentation of the water constituents:

  • Separation of the suspended substances
  • Separation of the heavy metals by sulfidic precipitating agent or (by pH adjustment) as hydroxides
  • Removal of residual turbidities

pH adjustment of the purified waste water

Separate treatment and drying of the resulting sludges from precipitation stages 1 and 3 and 3 respectively
Auxiliary plants for the storage, preparation and dosing of the required chemicals

Further design services

"Intelligent" design of the entire plant using the "COMOS" planning tools (process and ICA planning) and "

  • 3D layout design with integration of the customer's layout planning
  • Functional design of the control technology for the customer's creation of the control system
  • ICA pre-planning for the customer's procurement and preparation of the measurement technology and electrical installations


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