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Plant Engineering: Solution provider for cost-efficient water treatment plants

PWT develops and implements customized water treatment concepts for public clients and industrial customers from any industry. We realize the most economical solution by planning the plants for the specific requirements of the water quality, modular concepts and the use of advanced software tools. Each project is supported by a project and construction manager, which stands for adherence to schedules and the highest quality of workmanship.

The advantages of PWT at a glance

  • German engineering - At a high level and from a single source,
  • Consistent database-driven 3D planning with modern CAE/CAD tools,
  • Experienced project management and skillful site supervisory staff ensure adherence to schedules and quality,
  • Planning, construction and assembly of your plant,
  • Perfect finish through optimization during commissioning, clear documentation and training of operating personnel,
  • System integration in existing plants.


PWT develops and implements solutions for your water problem - completely according to your needs, and on the basis of many years of experience as well as extensive references in the most diverse areas of water-related plant construction, for example:

  • Drinking water treatment,
  • Wastewater treatment,
  • Process water treatment, including cooling and boiler water,
  • Water recycling, water reuse up to Zero-Liquid-Discharge,
  • Water treatment as part of the remediation of contaminated sites.

We master all processes and process combinations using mechanical, chemical-physical, chemical and biological processes, with a special focus on membrane technology and desalination

PWT built the supply facilities for the drinking water and natural gas supply as well as the sewage system for the development of the new Archabil district in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat.


  • Construction from pre-configured modules or adapted as individually as possible to the local conditions,
  • Turnkey production with integration of planning and construction or realization of a certain work on the basis of a detailed tender,
  • After the preparation: We offer maintenance contracts and operating services according to the operator model.

In addition, we have the decisive competences and a skillful team. Our range of services extends to the following areas: 

  • Basic planning by innovative process and hydraulic planners, 
  • Optimized installation and piping planning by experienced design engineers,
  • Control cabinet planning by detail-oriented electrical engineers,
  • Programming of PLC and process control system by skillful programmers,
  • Leaders for project supervision and site management,
  • Commissioning by all-rounders with in-depth process knowledge and
  • Operation through a reliable process optimizer.

Our specialists will not leave you alone in the approval process. We can support you competently due to our knowledge of the legal issues and our experience.

PWT is certified according to all important standards in the areas of quality, environmental protection and occupational safety management. In addition to the usual ISO / BS OHSAS certificates, we also have a certificate for contractors according to the strict SCC regulations for occupational safety, health and environmental protection.

Integrated and digital engineering

PWT uses modern engineering software and ensures consistent planning with its own personnel. The pillars for this are our CAE tools COMOS® and Bentley®.

COMOS® has interfaces to new and existing automation products, so that consistency is also guaranteed here. PWT's own mobile operational data management system PRAMOS® is moreover linked to the other planning systems.

COMOS integrates process and electrical engineering planning. This eliminates errors in the interfaces. By linking COMOS® and Bentley®, the processes and the 3D pipeline planning are always up to date. A 3D pipe planning has two main advantages: On the one hand, it allows you to gain an impression of the accessibility of the machines already during the planning phase and, on the other hand, it ensures easy and clear operability.

COMOS® also has interfaces to new and existing automation products, so that continuity is guaranteed here as well.

PWT plant engineering : Wastewater treatment plant in Bacau, Romania

High quality execution

PWT not only chooses the latest technique used for its projects, but it also handles the construction phase with the highest professionalism and meticulousness. For our project and construction managers, adherence to schedules is not an empty word but a question of honor. If construction services are included in our scope of supply, they are supervised by a specialist. If construction services are included in our scope of supply, they are supervised by a specialist  to almost avoid deficiencies in this area.

We do not leave the mechanical and electrical installation to anyone. Many important tasks are carried out by our own technical staff. We have a long-term relationship of trust with our sub-contractors, so we can guarantee high quality workmanship, which is meticulously monitored by our site managers and senior fitters.

We also support you with administrative materials. The software tools mentioned above help us to prepare them optimally for printing and in electronic form. With PRAMOS® you also have this documentation electronically available directly on the system.

Ultimately, our commissioning engineers deliver a perfectly optimized system and train the operating personnel for its operation.

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