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Archabil Infrastructure Project, Turkmenistan

Municipality of Ashgaba, Turkmenistan
Design and construction of infrastructure for future development along Archabil Avenue in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Construction of a drinking water pumping station and a pipe installation

PWT accomplished an infrastructure project with drinking water and natural gas supply as well as wastewater sewage for the development of the new district called Archabil in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. The client is the municipality of Ashgabat. In addition, a modern drinking water pumping station with pump house, disinfection plant and three drinking water reservoirs as well as an administration building with workshop and laboratory were built on an area of more than 40,000 m².


All buildings were built in accordance with the architectual standards of Turkmenistan. The pumping station is equipped with the latest pump technology and SCADA system. Now, 4,000 m³/h of drinking water is supplied for the drinking-water system of Ashgabat. In total, 86.4 km of drinking-water and wastewater pipes with a diameter of DN 300 to DN 1400 and 28.5 km of natural gas pipes with a diameter of DN 150 to DN 400 were laid. GRP was used for the pipe material ; steel was used for the water pipes. Steel pipes, coated with PE, were used for natural gas pipes. A cathodic pipe protection was installed to protect the pipes against corrosion. Operation of the plant is monitored by an associated computer system. The pipeline system is equipped with modern valves and prefabricated concrete manholes. The project involved the challenge of crossing beneath several streets, railroads and channels using horizontal bore holes. In total, 2,000 m horizontal bore holes with a diameter of 1,600 mm were built. The entire project was handed over turnkey to the client after 16 months.

Pumping station
Electrical engineering measurement and control technology
Activated sludge process


Design and construction of infrastructure for future development permits:

    • Pumping station equipped with the latest pump technology and SCADA system
    • modern drinking water pumping station with three drinking water reservoirs including a capacity of 10,000 m³
    • Infrastructure for the supply of water and gas, as well as disposal of wastewater

Technical data

Plant size
1,032,000 PE
Population equivalent:
Pumping station
100.000 m3/d
10.000 m3
3 Drinking water reservoirs
2 x 120 kg/d free chlorine
Disinfection plant to produce hypochlorite solution
40.000 m2
Construction area
86.4 km
Water and wastewater pipes DN 300 - DN 1400, PN 1 to PN 16
2.100 Piece
Prefabricated concrete manhole DN 1500
925 Piece
Valves and disconnection pieces DN 100 - DN 1400
28.5 km
Natural gas pipes DN 150 - DN 400
28.5 km
Cathodic pipe protection
2.000 m
Horizontal drill holes DN 1600
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