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Extension of the existing waterworks by additional treatment stages, Germany

Extension of the existing waterworks by various treatment stages

On the way to better water quality

Two groundwater wells supply a town of 6,000 inhabitants with water. In one of the wells an excess of heavy metals was measured for a short time. In the surrounding area there are landfills for household waste and contaminated sites where heavy metals and organic substances occur in high concentrations. In addition, pesticides have been detected, presumably from wine-growing in this area.
The drinking water quality should be ensured by taking suitable treatment steps.

PWT solutions

Construction and commissioning of a water treatment plant adapted to the pollutants already detected and potentially occurring in the future.

The new treatment concept was integrated into the existing plant and also connected to the electrical and control systems.

Electrical engineering measurement and control technology
Pumping station

Pumping station


  • All services from one source (procurement, planning, IBN)
  • Realization during "running operation" without interruption of the daily supply
  • Expertise in electrical engineering and automation (Siemens Solution Partner)
  • Professional competence in the field of drinking water
  • Efficient planning with integrated software
Plant size
7.000 PE
Population equivalent:
Pollutants to be treated
Organic substances
Plant protection products
33 µg/l
Heavy metals: Nickel
39 µg/l
Heavy metals: Lead
Supplementary process steps
Filtration (with possible flocculant dosing)
Activated carbon filtration
Ion exchange
Filtration via iron hydroxide
Possibility of ozonation
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