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Water recycling: Reduce water footprint and costs

Are you looking for efficient and energetically optimized solutions for their water treatment? PWT supports you, either in the industrial, agricultural or municipal sectors.

Cost optimization and minimisation of the ecological footprint can be achieved with a wide range of process technologies. Our experience gained from the diverse requirements of our clients, means we implement for you innovative solutions in order to conserve the water resources and ensure the sustainability of your business.

Our Applications to Water Recycling & Water Reuse

What is water recycling and water reuse?

The terms water recycling and water reuse are generally used for an approach where waste water is not discharged to the environment and lost but instead after treatment is used for another application. In contrast to waste management, there is no definition of these two terms in a legal source.

In principle, a distinction has to be made between whether the water is used for the original application after treatment or for another application with generally lower water quality requirements. Treatment for the original application may produce solid waste or a concentrated stream of waste water that needs further treatment and disposal.

Potential of water recycling and water reuse

Water recycling or water reuse is an important component of water management and essential for the conservation of our water resources and not only in regions and locations characterised by water stress. Water, which is becoming scarcer and more expensive, is motivating more and more industrial companies to evaluate the possibilities of water reuse in their production facilities.

PWT is the right partner for the analysis and implementation of such measures. We not only provide the technological solution, but also define the best technical and economic concept with our clients for achieving their set goals with regard to investment and operating costs and environmental requirements.

With more than 50 years’ experience in water treatment, PWT offers efficient and novel solutions for the reuse of treated wastewater in industrial, agricultural and municipal applications. We help our clients to minimize their costs and ecological footprint.

Since we offer complete solutions, we are able to develop an innovative system that integrates into your process and automation landscape.

Applications for water recycling and water reuse

We adapt the water treatment processes individually to the respective reuse purpose and the different water flows.

The possible areas of application can be:

  • Industry: hydroelectric power generation, use as process water, grey water use
  • Municipalities: irrigation of green areas, street cleaning
  • Tourism: irrigation of green areas, gardens and golf courses, reuse of grey water
  • Agriculture: irrigation of cereals, orchards and vineyards
  • Environment and water management: groundwater recharge, conservation of wetlands.
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