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Drinking water treatment: Perfect drinking water for municipalities and industry

The worldwide demand for clean drinking water is growing steadily. According to the UN, 11% of the world's population still has no access to safe drinking water. At the same time, the reserves of suitable water resources are declining. Climate change, industrialization and environmental problems introduce new challenges for drinking water production.

PWT offers you a wide range of solutions and services for your drinking water: We determine together your requirements, through planning, construction and commissioning and realize the operation of your drinking water treatment plant.

Our processes for drinking water treatment

Secured drinking water supply

In order to make the most important food available worldwide, PWT supplies you with processes for the production of drinking water. No matter whether from surface water, well water or sea water - we supply you with the solution adapted to your needs.

We offer you a wide range of solutions and services for your drinking water, from the joint identification of your requirements, through planning, construction and commissioning, to the operation of your drinking water treatment plant.

The continuous quest for new ways to ensure a safe drinking water supply requires new processes. One of those processes is the membrane processes. New developments in the field of membrane technology enable the economical and safe production of drinking water from previously unused sources. Reverse osmosis plants produce drinking water from brackish water and seawater. Ultra- and nanofiltration plants enable the economical treatment of polluted surface water for human consumption or for drinking.

PWT also offers the classic chemical-physical processes for drinking water treatment - proven for many years, robust and safe in application, economical in construction and operation. For example, filtration processes and precipitation and flotation plants remove unwanted particles from well or surface water. Ion exchanger plants reduce the water hardness or remove nitrate or heavy metals.

Drinking water treatment does not only mean the treatment under consideration of the chemical-physical parameters. Hygienic requirements must also be fulfilled. PWT offers you a wide range of solutions: classic, proven processes such as chlorination or ozone dosing, or chemical-free technologies such as UV disinfection or thermal processes.

PWT – Your partner for the drinking water of tomorrow

With PWT you have a qualified partner for all future challenges in the field of drinking water treatment.

PWT develops suitable solutions for drinking water treatment in accordance with applicable legal requirements and technical standards. These include, for example:

  • Drinking water ordinance
  • WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
  • DVGW guidelines
  • EU directives
  • Common DIN and ISO standards for machine technology

Our solutions also comply with other international and regional standards and norms.

Learn more about our versatile and combinable processes:

  • As a decentralized system or for the central supply of a large city
  • For your food production
  • Mobile or permanently installed.
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