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“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” ― Benjamin Franklin

We can readily see from this proverb that we take water too much for granted – in our part of the world at least.

Viewed across the whole world, water is most important resource of the 21st century. A secure supply of drinking water and the availability of water for industrial purposes demands innovative technologies for water and sewage treatment as well as the multiple use of water.

Through our innovative, technically and socio-economically adapted water treatment solutions, we contribute to global efforts to keep water resources clean and enable people worldwide to have access to clean and potable water.

History of PWT and its international representatives

PWT was originally spun off from the PREUSSAG Group. It has belonged to the Amiantit Company Group (SAAC), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since 2004 and currently employs 120 people in Germany, southeast Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

PWT Wasser- und Abwassertechnik GmbH is based in Zwingenberg on the Bergstrasse, in southwest Germany. The company has over 50 years of experience in major national and international projects. It is one of the leading general contractors for the planning, implementation and operation of turnkey plants for the treatment of drinking, wastewater and industrial water.

Through our branches and companies in Germany and abroad, we are in a position to deploy competent, interdisciplinary teams that are well acquainted with regional conditions.


The needs of our customers are the focus of our activities. On request, we can plan, build and operate your water treatment plant as an "all-inclusive package". This is particularly interesting for industrial clients, who can then fully concentrate on their core value-adding tasks. We also respond flexibly to the needs of public services clients. As a general contractor, we can provide functional tenders or also handle qualified individual lots in the areas of plant construction, electrical engineering and digitization/automation.


PWT is a general contractor in the field of water treatment. We can provide a wide range of the necessary services in-house and thus offer you customized solutions. Our employees determine the basics, plan the process, the mechanical and electrical engineering, program the automation, manage the project, supervise the construction, perform plant commissioning and continue to operate it afterwards. Our portfolio also includes operator models for financing the construction and operation of plants.

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