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Process water - PWT optimises water for your process

Does your process require process water with special requirements? Should the process water be highly pure or free of special ingredients? Would you like to reuse process water or recover recyclable materials from the process water to save operating costs?

PWT provides the process water treatment customized to your needs.

We offer you a wide range of solutions and services for your drinking water, from the joint identification of your requirements, through planning, construction and commissioning, to the operation of your drinking water treatment plant.

Our processes for process water treatment

Planning and construction of your process water treatment plant

The supply of water is crucial for safe and cost-efficient production in industry. It is therefore essential that the water quality meets the specific requirements of the various industrial applications.

PWT builds your process water treatment plant, from basic design to handover of your operational plant. The focus is on operational safety (quantity and quality of water), economy (investment, low maintenance, energy efficiency and low chemical consumption) and sustainability of the solution.

We integrate process water treatment into your production process and support you in every stage of the project – from identification of the requirements (starting with water analysis) to design, construction and operation of the plant.

Our specialists ensure a smooth process on site with regard to construction, commissioning and optimization of the process.

Modernization of existing process water treatment plants

Do new manufacturing processes place new or different demands on the process water? Has the legal framework changed?

PWT makes your existing process water treatment system fit for the future!

We determine the solution adapted to your requirements for the modernization and expansion of your plant. Our project engineers and site managers will install the solution in your plant with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. Our process engineers ensure a smooth transition to ongoing operation and optimize the entire plant as part of your production.

Operation of your process water treatment plant

PWT also offers operating services and operator models for your process water system. This includes financing concepts and the safe, cost-efficient and reliable operation of your plant by our experienced specialists. This way you can concentrate on your core business and increase your productivity.

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