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Membrane technology: Hydraulically optimised, energy-efficient water treatment

For the separation of ultrafine particles, dissolved molecules and salts (ions) membrane technology is the latest state of technology. The use of micro- and ultrafiltration as well as nanofiltration and reverse osmosis is now established worldwide. Over the past decades, their use has proven itself in drinking water treatment, waste water treatment and desalination.

PWT offers you all processes of the membrane technology and designs, builds and supports the corresponding plants for you.

Why Membrane technology?

Reasons for the increasing use of membrane technology are not only due to the demand for higher water quality and stricter regulations, but also due to the presence of  harmful substances in the water that were previously not detected or known about. Increases in nitrate contamination in groundwater are also leading to increase reliance on separation technology for water treatment. In addition, the attractiveness of the technology has increased due to the improved performance and economic developments associated with in membrane production.

PWT has experience  with all membrane technology processes:

  • Microfiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Forward osmosis.

Desalination plant in Dubai on the Arabian Gulf

PWT builds reverse osmosis plants for the desalination of brackish and sea water and  for the removal of nitrate or organic substances contaminating  ground and surface water sources. Our  ultrafiltration plants are used for the removal of turbidity substances present in surface water for direct use or as a pre-treatment stage in the  production of drinking water.

When designing a membrane filtration plant we consider what membrane modules and energy recovery system leads to a cost-optimized solution for our clients.The optimal selection of membrane modules and the integration of energy recovery systems lead to a cost-optimized solution for our customers.

Membrane filtration systems enable the production of hygienically safe drinking water - without the use of chemical disinfectants. Our microfiltration systems remove impurities such as oils, fats and particles from process solutions and ensures a consistently high product quality specific to the application.

Reverse osmosis plant for drinking water plant

PWT Membrane Systems - Customized - Integrated - Optimized

Membrane technology is often combined with other chemical-physical processes to produce water of the required quality. Through the flexible use of different assemblies, we can meet the needs of our clients or required standards. The choice of membrane technology depends on the application and the inlet water quality. As part of our service our experts will first analyze the future development, parameters and conditions in detail and then propose a solution that is economical and tailored to meet your needs.

Our solutions stand out due to their hydraulically and energy-efficient design. Our well thought out plant arrangements, intelligent process controls and the optimization of backwash sequences and cleaning intervals make our solutions better than the competition.  

Reverse osmosis / Nanofiltration

Ultrafiltration / Microfiltration

Membrane degazification