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Alat Karakul Water Supply Project in Uzbekistan

Bukhara Waterworks Ltd. (LLC “Bukhoro Viloyat Suv Ta’minoti”)
Consulting and Implementation of a Water Supply Project
Contract Award 2014

Consulting and Implementation

In December 2014 the Joint Venture of AquaMundo GmbH and PWT Wasser und Abwassertechnik GmbH (Zwingenberg, Germany) was awarded by the tender commission of the General Directorate of Housing in Uzbekistan Government with the consultancy and implementation obligation for the Alat Karakul Water Supply Project financed by a credit from IDA World Bank and the Government of Uzbekistan.

Total budget was about 139 million US-Dollars including the services of the Project Implemen­tation Consultant and the Project Implementation Unit.

Objective of the project

The objective of the Alat and Karakul Water Supply Project for Uzbekistan was to improve the coverage, quality and efficiency of public water supply service in the two districts of Alat and Karakul in the Bukhara region with about 232,000 inhabitants. During the course of this project drinking water network coverage was increased from 23% in Alat district and 15% in Karakul district to almost 96% for both regions.

The Joint venture was responsible for all tasks in engineering, general and detailed design, investment planning, preparation of bidding documents, contract administration, environ­mental and social impact assessments and works supervision within the frame of this project on behalf of the Regional Water and Wastewater company Bukhara (Vodokanal).


Drinking Water Treatment Plant "Dvoinik" Clarifier


During the 5-years project implementation period the following milestones were accomplished:

    • Design and construction of a new water treatment plant “Dvoinik” and rehabilitation of the existing raw water intake along the Amu-Bukhara canal increasing the treatment capacity from 23,000 to 49,000 m³/d.
    • Engineering, design, construction of two 22 km bulk transmission mains to convey potable water to water distribution centers in Alat and in Karakul as well as rehabilitation of the 13 km trunk line from Alat to Karakul-town.
    • Design and implementation of an innovative water quality concept for raw water treatment including disinfection units in the water distribution centers.
    • Expansion of the urban distribution systems of Alat- and Karakul-towns including meter installation on user connections.
    • Construction of new rural transmission, storage and distribution systems to serve about 120 villages in the Alat and Karakul districts through metered household connections.
    • Building of the institutional capacity of Bukhara Vodokanal to manage, operate and maintain the new systems, and
    • Preparation of a feasibility study to follow-up investments for sewerage and sanitation in the districts.

Cooperation at international and local level:

  • Within  the Joint Venture AquaMundo GmbH (51% shares in JV) was mainly responsible for consultancy tasks connected with overall project management, procurement, works supervision, water quality assurance,  operational performance improvement actions and contract administration.
  • Whereas PWT Wasser und Abwassertechnik took the responsibility for the general and detailed design of the new water treatment plant „Dvoinik“ (situated directly at the border to Turkmenistan) and in addition  for process analysis and for hydraulic transient pressure analysis calculations regading  the water mains between treatment plant and water distribution centers.
  • In order to provide services on the highest international standards several local and international sub-contractors had been committed by the JV:
  • Local company Infratech Ltd. supported the JV in overall management with special focus on local staff.
  • GWCC GmbH, a Vienna based Austrian design company  in cooperation with the local design company Uzagrosanoatloyiha Ltd. was responsible for the preparation of general and detailed design studies of water distribution networks and of water towers. P2m berlin GmbH participated in this project with a study on investment planning for sewerage systems, whereas Nordic Consulting Group was conducting consultancy to the regional water company Bukhara Vodokanal in order to achieve institutional improvements

Technical Data

Capacity of the Water Treatment Plant
49,000 m3/d
at Amu-Buchara-Kanal
2 bulk transmission mains
about 22 km
to water distribution centers
Trunk line
13 km
from Alat-town to Karakul-town
Construction of new rural transmission, storage and distribution system
for 120 villages
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