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Sea Outfalls works in Himara, Albania

The Republic of Albania is a country in south-eastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula that has a variety of natural water resources - sea, lakes, rivers and springs - and has become an up-and-coming tourist destination in recent years.

the situation of water infrastructure and pollution in Albania

However, the situation of water infrastructure and pollution in Albania is still a challenge that has both environmental and health implications:

  • Many cities and municipalities in Albania do not have adequate wastewater treatment plants,
  • The infrastructures are outdated,
  • Industrial waste, untreated wastewater from households and agriculture and illegal waste disposal all contribute to water pollution.

We completed our first water project in the country in Durrës in 2019. The aim is to ensure that residents are supplied with clean and hygienic water.

In summer 2022, PWT won the second project which was commissioned by the Albanian Development Fund and financed by the KfW Development Bank: planning and commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant in Albania. The project is still ongoing and is scheduled for completion in early 2025.

Our works in Albania are moving forward. The town in Southern Albania along the Albanian Riviera and part of the Vlorë County. We are designing and building there a sewage network, a wastewater treatment plant and sea outfalls.

The rehabilitation and expansion of the sewage system in albania

The sewage system consists of a 16 km sewer network for the most densely populated areas of the two municipalities and septic tanks for the less densely populated areas further away from the network.

The construction of the treatment plant

The proposed WWTP design considers 24,000 P.E., but the construction works will cover up to 16,000 P.E.; enough space has been left for the extension of the system, to be constructed in the future, when required. Biological treatment using extended aeration will allow the production of the excess sludge, which is already stabilized, simplifying the sludge management.

The construction of a sea outfalls in ALbania

The WWTP discharge to sea outfalls are designed to ensure proper dilution of the effluent to cope with the EU Bathing Directive requirements. The resulting sea outfall are approximately 200 m  and 650 m long. 

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