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PWT's relationship with the Bergstrasse

PWT is very much connected to the Bergstrasse as it was founded in Darmstadt. In the mid-90s PWT decided to move its headquarters to Zwingenberg.

PWT headquarter in Zwingenberg at the Hessian Bergstrasse

What is the Bergstrasse anyway?

The so-called "Bergstrasse" is the road leading from Darmstadt in southern Hesse via Heidelberg to Wiesloch in northern Baden. The Bergstrasse is known and loved throughout the country for its vineyards and numerous castles. Let yourself be enchanted by the nature of the region, by the scent and blossoms of the almond, peach and cherry trees in spring and by the colourful landscapes in autumn.

An economic region

Thanks to its proximity to Frankfurt Airport and its central location, the Bergstrasse economic region offers a good climate for business activities. Thanks to the short distance to the financial city of Frankfurt, Bergstrasse is an up-and-coming region. 

The Bergstrasse is known for its universities, colleges and research facilities and consequently there are many well-trained engineers. At PWT we use this educational advantage every day and complete it with foreign employees.

Mediaval market square in Heppenheim

Vineyards in surrounding Heppenheim

Enjoy the Bergstrasse

The mountain road is suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy nature, but not only. The Bergstrasse offers its inhabitants and the people who work in this region a wide range of cultural opportunities, such as visits to the surrounding museums, castles and palaces. As the Bergstrasse is a well-known wine-growing region, you can enjoy many great wines. Also the delicious asparagus is cultivated here. Many people yearn for a wine hike or a visit to the castle.

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