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PWT strengthens its position in the waste water treatment market in Morocco

PWT is pleased to announce the award of a WWTP turnkey contract for the industrial zones of Had Soualem and Sahel Lakhyayta, Morocco.

The project will be executed in cooperation with a local civil works company. The scope of works includes design, procurement and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, the construction, commissioning and 10 years operation of the wastewater treatment plant.

The construction of the WWTP, which commissioning is expected for mid-2022 and its implementation has been entrusted to the MCA-Morocco Agency (Millenium Challenge Account Morocco), is part of the "Pilot Industrial Sites" component of the "Compact II" cooperation programme, financed by the US governmental organisation MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation).

The realisation of a new WWTP will improve the environmental and social performance of the companies that are located or are to be located in the industrial zones concerned, as well as the living environment of the inhabitants of the communes situated downstream of the Merzeg river.

The consortium is responsible for the design and built realisation of this WWTP with a treatment capacity of 5,121 m3/day on a surface area of nine ha. The WWTP includes an inlet pumping station, mechanical pre-treatment, biological grease removal, aeration tanks, final decantation, sand filtration, UV-disinfection, sludge thickening and dewatering, biological odour removal as well as solar drying of sludge.