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PRAMOS®, the integrated and mobile operations management system

PRAMOS® is a continuous, integrated and mobile operations management system. PRAMOS® provides users with all data in digital and mobile form which are required to perform tasks everywhere and at any time. Existing plant data are continuously integrated and transferred via standardized data interfaces (e.g. XML, OPC, CSV…) into an object-oriented data base. The consolidated data models are transmitted to the “Front end system”, usually mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones, in the specific format of each application.

Your advantages with Pramos®

  • Future-proof investment in digital operations management
  • Open interfaces
  • Consolidation of all data into a single database
  • Complete, digital documentation of all operating procedures
  • Centrally controlled optimization of service and maintenance procedures
  • Dialog-based safety instruction
  • Object-oriented communication and data exchange with existing systems
  • Independent of hardware
  • Continuous data management


Wherever process plants or systems are regularly inspected, serviced and maintained or put into operation, PRAMOS® makes a valuable contribution to operational reliability and cost optimization. PRAMOS® accompanies operators throughout the complete plant life cycle.

All the PRAMOS® Features

  • Bidirectional mobile communication (multilingual)
  • Use of commercially available mobile devices
  • Connectivity to CAD/CAE-, GIS- and ERP- Systems
  • Mobile access to plant documentation
  • Inspection, service and maintenance management
  • Integrated functionality for safety instructions
  • Navigation and object identification via “Augmented Reality”
  • Multilingual operating dialogs
  • Object-oriented event documentation via text and photos
  • Automatically generated e-mails, scheduled and/or performance-controlled
  • Off-line operation of mobile terminal

Added value of Pramos®

  • Use of only one consolidated database
  • Access to all relevant plant data
  • Complete maintenance concept
  • Optimized operation procedures
  • Increased efficiency in procurement and spare parts management
  • Shorter response time when failures occur
  • Complete and continuous documentation of plant operation
  • Documented evidences and transparency against third parties
  • Optimized operating costs.

Integrated and mobile operations management system

Pramos System

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