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Drinking water treatment plant Al Samawa, Al Muthna Governate, Iraq

Republic of Iraq, Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works (MMPW), General Directorate for Water
Design and construction of a drinking water treatment plant from river water with eight pressure boosting stations and 250 km of pipelines
In construction

Design and construction

Al Samawa is a town of approximately 152,000 inhabitants located in the south eastern Muthanna province of Iraq. The town is situated on the Euphrates River and is surrounded by desert plains. Al Samawa has a hot desert climate and receives little rainfall throughout the year.
The Al Samawa Water Treatment Plant is a drinking water treatment plant that supplies drinking water to Samawa and other smaller towns located in the area. The project consists of three main components. These are the treatment plant, the distribution system consisting of water mains of various diameters and eight booster stations which operates as storage and distribution centers within the main system. Raw water source is the Rumaitha River, a tributary of the Euphrat. The raw water is treated, disinfected and then transported via the water mains and the booster stations to existing storage tanks, or in some cases pumped directly into existing supply networks. In total, the distribution mains have a combined length of over 180 km.
After completion of the project more than 500,000 inhibitants will be be supplied with drinking water in accordance with the WHO standard. This makes this project one of the most important infrastructure projects in southern Iraq.

Our Solution

Part of the project is also one year of operation after completion of works. In this time the local staff of the plant will instructed by PWT to operate and maintain all parts of plant.

For the Al Samawa project our engineers, CAD designers and construction personnel planned and are currently building a turnkey plant. Due to Iraq’s desert climate of little rainfall and many sandstorms the majority of the treatment plant will be enclosed in buildings to prevent contamination of the drinking water during the treatment process. Only the clariflocculation system will be left uncovered.
All works are being carried out according to the relevant local and international standards, for example ISO and DIN-EN. Materials for the project are being sourced from western European countries and being imported into Iraq. Ductile iron pipes used for the water mains and plant internal pipework is being procured from Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Pumping station
Precipitation, flocculation, sedimentation
Mechanical pretreatment

Al Samawa - Foundations for the plant


Planning and construction of drinking water facilities and the associated infrastructure:

  • Design and construction of the plant according to claimed standard produces;
  • Use of robust proven technology taking into account local experiences with similar projects;
  • Easy operation and maintenance of the system

Technical data

Raw water intake
220,000 m3/d
Daily flow Qd
10,500 m3/h
Dry weather inflow Qt
22 h/d
Production time
Intake structure
7 Pieces
No. of pumps
2,100 m3/h
Flow delivered
2 g /m3/h
Average dosage
21,000 g/h
Average mass flow rate
Type of clarifier
Quantity of clarifiers
10,500 m3/h
Total flow rate
Quantity of filter units
5.0 m/h
Filtration speed
Ground water storage tanks
40,000 m3
Total capacity
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